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Add r.category algorithms
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Médéric Ribreux committed Feb 18, 2016
1 parent 9643d40 commit 6d5dafd7e68463cccd92d604bd540f8e5838056a
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@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
r.category.out - Exports category values and labels associated with user-specified raster map layers.
Raster (r.*)
ParameterRaster|map|Name of raster map|False
ParameterString|cats|Category values (for Integer rasters). Example: 1,3,7-9,13|None|False|True
ParameterString|values|Comma separated value list (for float rasters). Example: 1.4,3.8,13|None|False|True
ParameterString|separator|Field separator (Special characters: pipe, comma, space, tab, newline)|tab|False|True
@@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
Manages category values and labels associated with user-specified raster map layers.
Raster (r.*)
ParameterRaster|map|Name of raster map|False
ParameterString|separator|Field separator (Special characters: pipe, comma, space, tab, newline)|tab|False|True
ParameterFile|rules|File containing category label rules|False|True
ParameterString|txtrules|Inline category label rules|None|True|True
ParameterRaster|raster|Raster map from which to copy category table|True
*ParameterString|format|Default label or format string for dynamic labeling. Used when no explicit label exists for the category|None|False|True
*ParameterString|coefficients|Dynamic label coefficients. Two pairs of category multiplier and offsets, for $1 and $2|None|False|True
@@ -0,0 +1,118 @@
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

Date : February 2016
Copyright : (C) 2016 by Médéric Ribreux
Email : medspx at medspx dot fr
* *
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify *
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by *
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or *
* (at your option) any later version. *
* *

__author__ = 'Médéric Ribreux'
__date__ = 'February 2016'
__copyright__ = '(C) 2016, Médéric Ribreux'

# This will get replaced with a git SHA1 when you do a git archive

__revision__ = '$Format:%H$'

import codecs
from import getTempFilename

def checkParameterValuesBeforeExecuting(alg):
""" Verify if we have the right parameters """
rules = alg.getParameterValue(u'rules')
txtrules = alg.getParameterValue(u'txtrules')
raster = alg.getParameterValue(u'raster')

if rules and txtrules:
return"You need to set either a rules file or write directly the rules !")
elif (rules and raster) or (txtrules and raster):
return"You need to set either rules or a raster from which to copy categories !")

return None

def processInputs(alg):
# If there is another raster to copy categories from
# we need to import it with rather than r.external
inputRaster = alg.getParameterValue(u'map')
copyRaster = alg.getParameterValue(u'raster')
if copyRaster:
if copyRaster in alg.exportedLayers.keys():

for raster,method in (inputRaster, 'r.external'),(copyRaster, ''):
alg.setSessionProjectionFromLayer(raster, alg.commands)

destFilename = alg.getTempFilename()
alg.exportedLayers[raster] = destFilename
command = '{} input={} output={} band=1 --overwrite -o'.format(method, raster, destFilename)


region = unicode(alg.getParameterValue(alg.GRASS_REGION_EXTENT_PARAMETER))
regionCoords = region.split(',')
command = 'g.region'
command += ' -a'
command += ' n=' + unicode(regionCoords[3])
command += ' s=' + unicode(regionCoords[2])
command += ' e=' + unicode(regionCoords[1])
command += ' w=' + unicode(regionCoords[0])
cellsize = alg.getParameterValue(alg.GRASS_REGION_CELLSIZE_PARAMETER)
if cellsize:
command += ' res=' + unicode(cellsize)
command += ' res=' + unicode(alg.getDefaultCellsize())
alignToResolution = alg.getParameterValue(alg.GRASS_REGION_ALIGN_TO_RESOLUTION)
if alignToResolution:
command += ' -a'

def processCommand(alg):
# We temporary remove the output
out = alg.getOutputFromName('output')
mapParam = alg.getParameterValue('map')
alg.exportedLayers[out.value] = alg.exportedLayers[mapParam]
txtRulesParam = alg.getParameterFromName(u'txtrules')
rules = alg.getParameterFromName(u'rules')

# Handle inline rules
if txtRulesParam.value:
# Creates a temporary txt file
tempRulesName = getTempFilename('txt')

# Inject rules into temporary txt file
with, 'w', 'utf-8') as tempRules:

# Replace rules with temporary file
rules.value = tempRulesName


# We re-add the new output

def processOutputs(alg):
# Output results ('from' table and output table)
out = alg.getOutputValue('output')
command = u"r.out.gdal --overwrite -t -c createopt=\"TFW=YES,COMPRESS=LZW\" input={} output=\"{}\"".format(
alg.exportedLayers[out], out)

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