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elpaso committed May 17, 2018
1 parent b696e9b commit 6f3be9fa3d848015950923adb6b90d1a81053ba7
@@ -214,15 +214,15 @@ Wrapper for iterator of features from vector data provider or vector layer

construct invalid iterator
Construct invalid iterator
QgsFeatureIterator( QgsAbstractFeatureIterator *iter /Transfer/ );
construct a valid iterator
Construct a valid iterator
QgsFeatureIterator( const QgsFeatureIterator &fi );
copy constructor copies the iterator, increases ref.count
Copy constructor copies the iterator, increases ref.count

@@ -42,10 +42,6 @@ Metadata for provider with direct provider creation function pointer, where
no library is involved.

.. versionadded:: 3.0

.. note::

not available in Python bindings

@@ -184,8 +184,6 @@ Returns a string containing the available protocol drivers
register a new vector data provider from its ``providerMetadata``

:param providerMetadata: QgsProviderMetadata instance describing the new provider

.. note::

ownership of the QgsProviderMetadata instance is transferred to the registry

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