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add test to check that \since and \deprecated are at the end of comma…

…nd blocks
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3nids committed May 28, 2018
1 parent fc55d86 commit 70f82664956650fface65c235016a5485a9e4adc
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@@ -8,6 +8,17 @@ if [[ ! -z $output ]]; then
exit 1

# check that \since and \deprecated are placed at the end of the command block
output=$(unbuffer ag --noaffinity --file-search-regex '\.h$' --multiline '(\\(deprecated|since)[^\n]+\n)+\s*\*[^\/]' ${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR} | tee /dev/stderr)
if [[ ! -z $output ]]; then
echo -e "\n\x1B[31m*** Docstring computation: \\\deprecated and \\\since should e placed at the end of command locks\x1B[0m"
echo -e "To fix it, you may want to run at the top level directory:"
echo 'sed -i -r '"'"'$!N;s/^(\s*\*\s+\\(deprecated|since)[^\n]+)\n(\s*\*[^\/].*)/\3\n\1/;P;D'"'"' $(ag -c --noaffinity --file-search-regex '"'"'\.h$'"'"' --multiline '"'"'(\\(deprecated|since)[^\n]+\n)+\s*\*[^\/]'"'"' . | cut -d: -f1)'
exit 1

# code snippets command
output=$(unbuffer ag --noaffinity --file-search-regex '\.h$' --multiline '~~~\{\.\w+\}' ${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR} | tee /dev/stderr)
if [[ ! -z $output ]]; then

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