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don't take it too seriously

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3nids authored and nyalldawson committed Feb 8, 2021
1 parent 4d5f0ca commit 71490368f66af0cad84054a5f2ddf80f3bb6574c
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  1. +4 −4 .github/workflows/run-tests.yml
@@ -198,13 +198,13 @@ jobs:
run: |
echo "::set-output name=COMMENT_ID::"$([[ "${COMMENT_FOUND}" -eq "0" ]] && echo ${COMMENT_CREATED} || echo ${COMMENT_FOUND})
if [[ ${COMPILE_OUTCOME} != "success" ]]; then
echo "::set-output name=COMMENT_BODY::${COMMIT_SHA}: compilation failed"
echo "::set-output name=COMMENT_BODY::${COMMIT_SHA} :poop: compilation failed"
elif [[ ${TESTS_PASS} != "true" ]]; then
echo "::set-output name=COMMENT_BODY::${COMMIT_SHA}: some unit-tests are failing ${CDASH_URL}"
echo "::set-output name=COMMENT_BODY::${COMMIT_SHA} :fire: some unit-tests are failing ${CDASH_URL}"
elif [[ ${RUNNERS_OUTCOME} != "success" ]]; then
echo "::set-output name=COMMENT_BODY::${COMMIT_SHA}: QGIS runners test failed"
echo "::set-output name=COMMENT_BODY::${COMMIT_SHA} :broken_heart: QGIS runners test failed"
echo "::set-output name=COMMENT_BODY::${COMMIT_SHA}: unit-tests succeeded"
echo "::set-output name=COMMENT_BODY::${COMMIT_SHA} :sunglasses: unit-tests succeeded"
- name: Update comment

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