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sip fixes
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jef-n committed Sep 26, 2012
1 parent ee593e8 commit 71c5d4cff9a96a82a359692874c9600dc09e57f8
Showing with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 python/core/qgssnapper.sip
  2. +1 −1 python/core/qgsvectorlayer.sip
@@ -76,10 +76,10 @@ class QgsSnapper
@param snappingResult the list where the results are inserted (everything in map coordinate system)
@param excludePoints a list with (map coordinate) points that should be excluded in the snapping result. Useful e.g. for vertex moves where a vertex should not be snapped to its original position
@return 0 in case of success*/
int snapPoint( const QPoint& startPoint, QList<QgsSnappingResult>& snappingResult, const QList<QgsPoint>& excludePoints = QList<QgsPoint>() );
int snapPoint( const QPoint& startPoint, QList<QgsSnappingResult>& snappingResult /Out/, const QList<QgsPoint>& excludePoints = QList<QgsPoint>() );

void setSnapLayers( const QList<QgsSnapper::SnapLayer>& snapLayers );
void setSnapMode( QgsSnapper::SnappingMode snapMode );

@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ class QgsVectorLayer : QgsMapLayer
void setRenderer( QgsRenderer * r /Transfer/ );

/** Sets diagram rendering object (takes ownership) */
void setDiagramRenderer( QgsDiagramRendererV2* r );
void setDiagramRenderer( QgsDiagramRendererV2* r /Transfer/ );
const QgsDiagramRendererV2* diagramRenderer() const;

void setDiagramLayerSettings( const QgsDiagramLayerSettings& s );

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