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Merge pull request #4121 from arnaud-morvan/processing_fix_modeler_op…
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[processing] fix modeler and batch file dialog
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alexbruy committed Feb 9, 2017
2 parents 7ff894a + c43b04f commit 71f1d28
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Showing 2 changed files with 8 additions and 7 deletions.
8 changes: 4 additions & 4 deletions python/plugins/processing/gui/
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Expand Up @@ -211,10 +211,10 @@ def save(self):
toSave.append({self.PARAMETERS: algParams, self.OUTPUTS: algOutputs})

filename, __ = str(QFileDialog.getSaveFileName(self,'Save batch'),
None,'JSON files (*.json)')))
filename, __ = QFileDialog.getSaveFileName(self,'Save batch'),
None,'JSON files (*.json)'))
if filename:
if not filename.endswith('.json'):
filename += '.json'
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7 changes: 4 additions & 3 deletions python/plugins/processing/modeler/
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Expand Up @@ -474,9 +474,10 @@ def saveModel(self, saveAs):
self.hasChanged = False

def openModel(self):
filename, selected_filter = str(QFileDialog.getOpenFileName(self,'Open Model'), ModelerUtils.modelsFolders()[0],'Processing models (*.model *.MODEL)')))
filename, selected_filter = QFileDialog.getOpenFileName(self,'Open Model'),
ModelerUtils.modelsFolders()[0],'Processing models (*.model *.MODEL)'))
if filename:
alg = ModelerAlgorithm.fromFile(filename)
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