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[processing] update points displacement alg to new ParameterVector sy…

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alexbruy committed Sep 13, 2013
1 parent 395dc74 commit 72536f65d5eed0445f0d014f28f689560a431fc4
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@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ def defineCharacteristics(self): = "Points displacement" = "Vector geometry tools"

self.addParameter(ParameterVector(self.INPUT_LAYER, "Input layer", ParameterVector.VECTOR_TYPE_POINT))
self.addParameter(ParameterVector(self.INPUT_LAYER, "Input layer", [ParameterVector.VECTOR_TYPE_POINT]))
self.addParameter(ParameterNumber(self.DISTANCE, "Displacement distance", 0.00001, 999999999.999990, 0.00015))
self.addParameter(ParameterBoolean(self.HORIZONTAL, "Horizontal distribution for two point case"))
self.addOutput(OutputVector(self.OUTPUT_LAYER, "Output layer"))

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