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add some notes in processing test readme

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@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ How To
To add a new test please follow these steps:

1. **Run the algorithm** you want to test in QGIS from the processing toolbox. If the
result is a vector layer prefer GML as output for its support of mixed
result is a vector layer prefer GML, with its XSD, as output for its support of mixed
geometry types and good readability. Redirect output to
`python/plugins/processing/tests/testdata/expected`. For input layers prefer to use what's already there in the folder `testdata`. If you need extra data, put it into `testdata/custom`.

@@ -131,6 +131,8 @@ It couldn't be more trivial
type: vector

Add the expected GML and XSD in the folder.

#### Vector with tolerance

Sometimes different platforms create slightly different results which are
@@ -191,3 +193,10 @@ OUTPUT:
- 'Geometry: Line String'
- 'Feature Count: 6'

Running tests locally
ctest -V -R ProcessingQgisAlgorithmsTest
or one of the following value listed in the [CMakelists.txt](

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