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= git =[git]

== Installation ==

Optional. If you want to try different branches and/or easily update the source when changes are made, install git and clone the source. For random just-want-to-see-what's-going-on-in-development builds, download a tarbal from github.

=== Install git for GNU/Linux ===

=== install git for Windows ===

=== Install git for OSX ===

The [git] project has a downloadable build of git.
Make sure to get the package matching your processor (x86_64 most likely, only the first Intel Macs need the i386 package).

Once downloaded open the disk image and run the installer.

__PPC/source note__

The git site does not offer PPC builds. If you need a PPC build, or you just want
a little more control over the installation, you need to compile it yourself.

Download the source from Unzip it, and in a Terminal cd to the source folder, then:

make prefix=/usr/local
sudo make prefix=/usr/local install

If you don't need any of the extras, Perl, Python or TclTk (GUI), you can disable them before running make with:

export NO_PERL=
export NO_TCLTK=
export NO_PYTHON=

== Get QGIS from git ==

You can download a development tarball (no git installation needed) from:

This defaults to the current master, but you can select any other branch or tag as desired.

Or for more long-term testing of development sources: clone the sources with git (in an appropriate location on your computer):

git clone git://

This automatically activates the master. To switch to another branch:

git checkout [branchname]

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