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Further notes on building on windows with MSVC Express
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@@ -1297,6 +1297,10 @@ Build the ALL_BUILD project. This will build all the QGIS binaries along with al

You will also either need to add all the dependency dlls to the QGIS install directory or add their respective directories to your PATH.

= Building under Windows using MSVC Express =

/!\ Note: Building under MSVC is still a work in progress. In particular the
@@ -1305,6 +1309,8 @@ following dont work yet: python, grass, postgis connections.
/!\ This section of the document is in draft form and is not ready to be used

Tim Sutton, 2007

== System preparation ==

I started with a clean XP install with Service Pack 2 and all patches applied.
@@ -1328,23 +1334,62 @@ before we begin:

== Install Visual Studio Express 2005 ==

Get this Visual Studio Express 2005 sp1 for C++ here:

First thing we need to get is MSVC Express from here:

The above page is confusing as it has lots of other stuff on it - just scroll
down until you find a link labelled "Download Visual C++ 2005 Express SP1 �"
The page is really confusing so dont feel bad if you cant actually find the
download at first! There are six coloured blocks on the page for the various
studio family members (vb / c# / j# etc). Simply choose your language under
the 'select your language' combo under the yellow C++ block, and your download
will begin. Under internet explorer I had to disable popup blocking for the
download to be able to commence.

Once the setup commences you will be prompted with various options. Here is what
I chose :

* Send useage information to Microsoft (No)
* Install options:
* Graphical IDE (Yes)
* Microsoft MSDN Express Edition (No)
* Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition (No)
* Install to folder: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\ (default)

It will need to download around 90mb of installation files and reports
that the install will consume 554mb of disk space.

== Install Microsoft Platform SDK2 ==

Get the Microsoft Platform SDK2 from here:
Go to this page:

Start by using the link provided on the above page to download and install the
platform SDK2.

The actual SDK download page is once again a bit confusing since the links for
downloading are hidden amongst a bunch of other links. Basically look for these
three links with their associated 'Download' buttons and choose the correct
link for your platform:

PSDK-amd64.exe 1.2 MB Download
PSDK-ia64.exe 1.3 MB Download
PSDK-x86.exe 1.2 MB Download

When you install make sure to choose 'custom install'. These instructions
assume you are installing into the default path of:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 R2\

We will go for the minimal install that will give us a working environment,
so on the custom installation screen I made the following choices:

When you install make sure to check at least the following options:

Configuration Options
@@ -1386,6 +1431,17 @@ Debuggin Tools for Windows (Yes)

/!\ Note that you can always come back later to add extra bits if you like.

/!\ Note that installing the SDK requires validation with the
Microsoft Genuine Advantage application. Some people have a philosophical
objection to installing this software on their computers. If you are one
of them you should probably consider using the MINGW build instructions
described elsewhere in this document.

After the SDK is installed, follow the remaining notes on the page link
above to get your MSVC Express environment configured correctly.

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