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Fix pinned labels highlight updating by taking labeling results prior…
… to render completion signal
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dakcarto committed Mar 12, 2014
1 parent 81039ca commit 77c06b1d7e37af729e0d53410a6f36976a127243
Showing with 5 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +5 −3 src/gui/qgsmapcanvas.cpp
@@ -708,6 +708,11 @@ void QgsMapCanvas::rendererJobFinished()

if ( !mJobCancelled )
// take labeling results before emitting renderComplete, so labeling map tools
// connected to signal work with correct results
delete mLabelingResults;
mLabelingResults = mJob->takeLabelingResults();

QImage img = mJob->renderedImage();

// emit renderComplete to get our decorations drawn
@@ -733,9 +738,6 @@ void QgsMapCanvas::rendererJobFinished()

mMap->setContent( img, mSettings.visibleExtent() );

delete mLabelingResults;
mLabelingResults = mJob->takeLabelingResults();

// now we are in a slot called from mJob - do not delete it immediately

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@dakcarto dakcarto replied Mar 12, 2014

@wonder-sk Can you think of any reason why moving the taking of labeling results before emit renderComplete is not a good idea?


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@wonder-sk wonder-sk replied Mar 17, 2014

@dakcarto nope, I think it should be fine

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