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updated widgets / customization
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blazek committed Jun 7, 2012
1 parent efcb904 commit 78701d8fb40696ac97f725099cd0b84f11a3b171
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@@ -1655,7 +1655,7 @@
<widget class="QWidget" label="" objectName="QgsProjectionSelectorBase">
<widget class="QLabel" label="Filter" objectName="label_5"/>
<widget class="QLineEdit" label="" objectName="leSearch"/>
<widget class="QLabel" label="Recently used coordinate references systems" objectName="label_3"/>
<widget class="QLabel" label="Recently used coordinate reference systems" objectName="label_3"/>
<widget class="QTextEdit" label="" objectName="teProjection">
<widget class="QWidget" label="" objectName="qt_scrollarea_viewport"/>
<widget class="QWidget" label="" objectName="qt_scrollarea_hcontainer"/>

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