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Add templated docs to acceptable missing docs
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nyalldawson committed Apr 18, 2017
1 parent c460f07 commit 7949c81c3d22deabdeb6ff51d2fb4d85bc7e339b
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@@ -676,6 +676,7 @@
"QgsCompoundCurve": ["QgsCompoundCurve(const QgsCompoundCurve &curve)"],
"QgisPlugin": ["QgisPlugin(QString const &name=\"\", QString const &description=\"\", QString const &category=\"\", QString const &version=\"\", PLUGINTYPE const &type=MAPLAYER)", "name()"],
"QgsFields": ["FieldOrigin", "None"],
"QgsRange": ["contains(QDate element) const", "overlaps(const QgsRange< QDate > &other) const", "contains(const QgsRange< QDate > &other) const"],
"QgsGlowEffect": ["QgsGlowEffect(const QgsGlowEffect &other)"],
"Node": ["Node(const Node &n)"],
"QgsSymbolLevelItem": ["layer()", "QgsSymbolLevelItem(QgsSymbol *symbol, int layer)", "symbol()"],

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