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[processing][gdal] Fix stylesheet for gdal algorithms
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nyalldawson committed Sep 28, 2018
1 parent 7977450 commit 7a45702b83c5835e5a77c94515d98b3f4426315f
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ def createInstance(self, config={}):
return self.__class__()

def createCustomParametersWidget(self, parent):
return GdalAlgorithmDialog(self)
return GdalAlgorithmDialog(self, parent=parent)

def flags(self):
return QgsProcessingAlgorithm.FlagSupportsBatch # cannot cancel!
@@ -55,8 +55,8 @@

class GdalAlgorithmDialog(AlgorithmDialog):

def __init__(self, alg):
def __init__(self, alg, parent=None):
super().__init__(alg, parent=parent)

def getParametersPanel(self, alg, parent):

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