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nyalldawson committed Jul 10, 2020
1 parent 4cad940 commit 7ac65f3659a305a92908b25f7d044e496b740937
@@ -21,7 +21,8 @@ help a user to create valid geometries.

Implementing a custom geometry check consists of the following parts

### Writing the check
Writing the check

A new subclass of QgsGeometryCheck needs to be written and at least the following
abstract methods need to be implemented:
@@ -53,7 +54,8 @@ into this method with the parameter ids and should be retrieved from the availab
use of caching. New errors should be appended to the error list and other message strings to messages.
The method needs to return a tuple (errors, messages).

### Creating a geometry check factory
Creating a geometry check factory

A Geometry check factory manages meta information for checks. There will always be one single
geometry check factory created per check type, but it's possible that multiple QgsGeometryCheck
@@ -87,7 +89,8 @@ Returns additional flags for a geometry check. If unsure return QgsGeometryCheck

Returns the type of this geometry check.

### Registering the geometry check
Registering the geometry check

Finally the geometry check factory needs to be registered in QGIS, so the system
is aware of the available geometry checks.
@@ -136,28 +136,6 @@ attribute operators, “BBOX, Disjoint, Intersects, Touches, Crosses, Contains,
spatial binary operators and the QGIS local “geomFromWKT, geomFromGML”
geometry constructor functions.

<<<<<<< HEAD
OGC API - Features data provider (oapif)

Used to access data provided by a OGC API - Features server.

The URI should be constructed using the QgsDataSourceUri class with the following parameters:

- url=string (mandatory): HTTP url to a OGC API - Features landing page.
- typename=string (mandatory): Collection id
- username=string
- password=string
- authcfg=string
- filter=string: QGIS expression (only datetime filtering is forwarded to the server)
- restrictToRequestBBOX=1: to download only features in the view extent (or more generally
in the bounding box of the feature iterator)
- pageSize=number: number of features to retrieve in a single request
- maxNumFeatures=number: maximum number of features to retrieve (possibly across several multiple paging requests)
- hideDownloadProgressDialog=1: to hide the download progress dialog.

>>>>>>> d76fe84051... Merge pull request #37713 from 3nids/pyqgis-doc-sectionizer
Also note:

- You can use various functions available in the QGIS Expression list,
@@ -184,8 +184,6 @@ sub processDoxygenLine {
# replace nullptr with None (nullptr means nothing to Python devs)
$line =~ s/\bnullptr\b/None/g;

<<<<<<< HEAD
if ( $line =~ m/^\\(?<SUB>sub)?section/) {
my $sep = "-";
$sep = "~" if defined $+{SUB};
@@ -202,7 +200,6 @@ sub processDoxygenLine {
$line = "$1\n".('=' x length($1));

>>>>>>> d76fe84051... Merge pull request #37713 from 3nids/pyqgis-doc-sectionizer
if ( $line eq '*' ) {
$line = '';

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