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TEST: add a test for otb conversion application (simpler than bandmath)
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grizonnetm authored and alexbruy committed Oct 20, 2016
1 parent d4f410a commit 7b22f5d8da7ae3e994b318215d3aa9ea119db301
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@@ -1,18 +1,20 @@
# See ../ for a description of the file format

- algorithm: otb:bandmath
name: Test (otb:bandmath)

- algorithm: otb:imageconversion
name: Test (otb:imageconversion)
!!python/unicode '-exp': im1b1==826?255:0
!!python/unicode '-il':
- name: raster.tif
type: raster
type: multi
!!python/unicode '-ram': 128
-hcp.high: 2
-hcp.low: 2
name: raster.tif
type: raster
-ram: 128
-type: '1'
-type.linear.gamma: 1
!!python/unicode '-out':
hash: a8acb8da3cf40a156fe26f815588a7cbf8f3c8f6b3c226968b1eab1e
hash: b3657f4d848b64f688db41638ea6d86d9de1d0a169bc1bafef8af82a
type: rasterhash

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