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Update v.neighbors.txt
Additional options for aggregate statistics, based on
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PedroVenancio authored and nyalldawson committed May 24, 2023
1 parent 5d50354 commit 7bd4c5b
Showing 1 changed file with 2 additions and 1 deletion.
3 changes: 2 additions & 1 deletion python/plugins/grassprovider/description/v.neighbors.txt
Expand Up @@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ v.neighbors
Makes each cell value a function of attribute values and stores in an output raster map.
Vector (v.*)
QgsProcessingParameterFeatureSource|input|Input vector layer|-1|None|False
QgsProcessingParameterEnum|method|Neighborhood operation|count|False|0|False
QgsProcessingParameterEnum|method|Method for aggregate statistics (count if non given)|count;sum;average;median;mode;minimum;maximum;range;stddev;variance;diversity|False|0|False
QgsProcessingParameterField|points_column|Column name of points map to use for statistics|None|input|0|False|True
QgsProcessingParameterNumber|size|Neighborhood diameter in map units|QgsProcessingParameterNumber.Double|0.1|False|0.0|None

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