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remove useless funcs from sip
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3nids authored and NathanW2 committed Feb 5, 2013
1 parent 682524f commit 7c26d70
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@@ -92,21 +92,6 @@ class QgsMapToolIdentify : QgsMapTool
void identifyMessage( QString );

/** Performs the identification.
To avoid beeing forced to specify IdentifyMode with a list of layers
this has been made private and two publics methods are offered
@param x x coordinates of mouseEvent
@param y y coordinates of mouseEvent
@param mode Identification mode. Can use Qgis default settings or a defined mode.
@param layerList Performs the identification within the given list of layers.
@param layerType Only performs identification in a certain type of layers (raster, vector).
@return true if identification succeeded and a feature has been found, false otherwise.*/
bool identify(int x, int y, IdentifyMode mode, QList<QgsMapLayer*> layerList, LayerType layerType = AllLayers);

bool identifyLayer( QgsMapLayer *layer, int x, int y, LayerType layerType = AllLayers );
bool identifyRasterLayer( QgsRasterLayer *layer, int x, int y );
bool identifyVectorLayer( QgsVectorLayer *layer, int x, int y );

//! Private helper
virtual void convertMeasurement( QgsDistanceArea &calc, double &measure, QGis::UnitType &u, bool isArea );

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