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[processing] fixes in SAGA algorithm after latest changes
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volaya committed Aug 22, 2017
1 parent ce14633 commit 7ca8de9
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 3 deletions.
4 changes: 1 addition & 3 deletions python/plugins/processing/algs/saga/
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Expand Up @@ -128,16 +128,14 @@ def defineCharacteristicsFromFile(self):
line = lines.readline().strip('\n').strip()
hasRaster = False
hasHardcodedResampling = False
for param in self.parameters:
if (isinstance(param, ParameterRaster) or
(isinstance(param, ParameterMultipleInput)
and param.type == ParameterMultipleInput.TYPE_RASTER)):
hasRaster = True

if (not self.noResamplingChoice and
not self.forceNearestNeighbour and hasRaster):
if (not self.noResamplingChoice and hasRaster):
param = ParameterSelection(self.RESAMPLING, "Resampling method", ["Nearest Neighbour", "Bilinear Interpolation", "Bicubic Spline Interpolation", "B-Spline Interpolation"], 3)
param.isAdvanced = True
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