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Add missing .qml to local server test
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dakcarto committed Feb 20, 2014
1 parent 18efe2e commit 7d263be7aa99f77a04b35183f5ea51c427ffd027
Showing with 21 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +21 −0 tests/testdata/qgis_local_server/test-project/aoi.qml
@@ -0,0 +1,21 @@
<qgis version="1.9.0-Master" minimumScale="-4.65661e-10" maximumScale="1e+08" minLabelScale="0" maxLabelScale="1e+08" hasScaleBasedVisibilityFlag="0" scaleBasedLabelVisibilityFlag="0">
<renderer-v2 symbollevels="0" type="singleSymbol">
<symbol alpha="1" type="fill" name="0">
<layer pass="0" class="SimpleFill" locked="0">
<prop k="border_width_unit" v="MM"/>
<prop k="color" v="220,43,12,255"/>
<prop k="color_border" v="0,0,0,255"/>
<prop k="offset" v="0,0"/>
<prop k="offset_unit" v="MM"/>
<prop k="style" v="no"/>
<prop k="style_border" v="solid"/>
<prop k="width_border" v="0.26"/>
<rotation field=""/>
<sizescale field="" scalemethod="area"/>

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