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More test mask updates. Also disable qgis_labelingenginev2 on Travis
qgis_labelingenginev2 needs to be refactored to use QgsRenderChecker.
Directly comparing the two images is too fragile due and is failing
on Travis.
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nyalldawson committed Oct 10, 2015
1 parent 71498c7 commit 80ccb39ae5132420fba0716251297844369878b5
@@ -1,2 +1,2 @@
xvfb-run ctest -V -E 'qgis_openstreetmaptest|qgis_wcsprovidertest' -S ./qgis-test-travis.ctest --output-on-failure
xvfb-run ctest -V -E 'qgis_labelingenginev2|qgis_openstreetmaptest|qgis_wcsprovidertest' -S ./qgis-test-travis.ctest --output-on-failure

Binary file not shown.
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@
<prop k="offset_map_unit_scale" v="0,0"/>
<prop k="offset_unit" v="MM"/>
<prop k="outline_color" v="#000000"/>
<prop k="outline_width" v="1"/>
<prop k="outline_width" v="0.1"/>
<prop k="outline_width_map_unit_scale" v="0,0"/>
<prop k="outline_width_unit" v="MM"/>
<prop k="scale_method" v="area"/>

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@nyalldawson nyalldawson commented on 80ccb39 Oct 10, 2015

@wonder-sk ping - see commit message. I've had to disable the qgis_labelingenginev2 on Travis because the QCOMPARE( img, img2 ); test is too fragile (and leaves no trail for debugging). This test needs to be refactored to use QgsRenderChecker.

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