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m-kuhn committed May 5, 2020
1 parent 2dafee5 commit 841328e0a7274350ab7542e0e968aff3dff87d18
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  1. +0 −21 python/plugins/processing/algs/qgis/
@@ -191,27 +191,6 @@ def _cellsize(layer):

return {self.OUTPUT: output}

def processBeforeAddingToModeler(self, algorithm, model):
values = []
expression = algorithm.params[self.EXPRESSION]
for i in list(model.inputs.values()):
param = i.param
if isinstance(param, QgsProcessingParameterRasterLayer) and "{}@".format( in expression:
values.append(ValueFromInput( # noqa TODO: how is that supposed to work??

dependent = model.getDependentAlgorithms(
dependent = []
for alg in list(model.algs.values()):
if alg.modeler_name not in dependent:
for out in alg.algorithm.outputs:
if (isinstance(out, QgsProcessingOutputRasterLayer) and
"{}:{}@".format(alg.modeler_name, in expression):
values.append(ValueFromOutput(alg.modeler_name, # noqa TODO: how is that supposed to work??

algorithm.params[self.LAYERS] = values

def mappedNameToLayer(self, lyr, expression, layersDict, context):
'''Try to identify if a real layer is mapped in the expression with a symbolic name.'''

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