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drop bionic, all images are now focal based

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3nids committed Aug 22, 2020
1 parent bf13801 commit 849680753fa0cd6de8c028d1ecdb0c807b71e3a5
Showing with 9 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 .docker/qgis.dockerfile
  2. +7 −6 .github/workflows/build-docker.yml
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@

# see
# using ARG in FROM requires min v17.05.0-ce

FROM qgis/qgis3-build-deps:${DOCKER_TAG} AS BUILDER
FROM qgis/qgis3-build-deps:${DOCKER_DEPS_TAG} AS BUILDER
MAINTAINER Denis Rouzaud <>

LABEL Description="Docker container with QGIS" Vendor="" Version="1.1"
@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ jobs:
run: |
export DOCKER_TAG=${branch//master/latest}
export DOCKER_BUILD_DEPS_FILE=qgis3-build-deps-focal.dockerfile
echo "branch: ${branch}"
echo "docker tag: ${DOCKER_TAG}"
@@ -52,17 +53,17 @@ jobs:
echo "##[group] QGIS deps Docker pull/rebuild"
cd .docker
docker --version
docker pull "qgis/qgis3-build-deps:${DOCKER_TAG}_focal" || true
docker build --cache-from "qgis/qgis3-build-deps:${DOCKER_TAG}_focal" -t "qgis/qgis3-build-deps:${DOCKER_TAG}_focal" -f ${DOCKER_BUILD_DEPS_FILE} .
echo "push to qgis/qgis3-build-deps:${DOCKER_TAG}_focal"
docker pull "qgis/qgis3-build-deps:${DOCKER_DEPS_TAG}" || true
docker build --cache-from "qgis/qgis3-build-deps:${DOCKER_DEPS_TAG}" -t "qgis/qgis3-build-deps:${DOCKER_DEPS_TAG}" -f ${DOCKER_BUILD_DEPS_FILE} .
echo "push to qgis/qgis3-build-deps:${DOCKER_DEPS_TAG}"
docker login -u="$DOCKER_USERNAME" -p="$DOCKER_PASSWORD"
docker push "qgis/qgis3-build-deps:${DOCKER_TAG}_focal"
docker push "qgis/qgis3-build-deps:${DOCKER_DEPS_TAG}"
echo "##[endgroup]"
echo "##[group] Docker QGIS build"
DOCKER_BUILD_ARGS="--build-arg 'DOCKER_TAG=${DOCKER_TAG}_focal' --build-arg CC --build-arg CXX"
DOCKER_BUILD_ARGS="--build-arg DOCKER_DEPS_TAG --build-arg CC --build-arg CXX"
docker build ${DOCKER_BUILD_ARGS} \
--cache-from "qgis/qgis:${DOCKER_TAG}_focal" \
--cache-from "qgis/qgis:${DOCKER_TAG}" \
-t "qgis/qgis:BUILDER" \
-f qgis.dockerfile ..
echo "Copy build cache from Docker container to Travis cache directory"

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