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Release of 2.16.1
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jef-n committed Jul 29, 2016
1 parent cc3d3f7 commit 8545b3b82ec43f31b53b2480c1aeb8293d426488
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IF (POLICY CMP0048) # in CMake 3.0.0+
365 ChangeLog
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Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-29

Fix map not refreshed after using pan to selected (fix #15324)

(cherry-picked from 530a85216ee63db320196fd808f8eb654ac918d7)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-29

[gui] gray lock icon, and flat style for extent button

(cherry-picked from 6bd15ff79e0c9f749595a1e2d6439fd15edfd1e8)

Merge: 4fadd79 3224e9c
Tom Kralidis <> 2016-07-27

Merge pull request #3342 from tomkralidis/owslib-0.11.2

upgrade OWSLib to 0.11.2

Tom Kralidis <> 2016-07-25

upgrade OWSLib to 0.11.2

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-27

Fix indentation

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-27

Fix labeling using perimeter with repeating label distance set

If the visible part of a polygon is clipped and becomes a multipolygon, only
one label is plotted on the wrong side of the polygon.

Placement: Using Perimeter
Allowed positions: Below line / Line orientation dependent position checked
Repeat: 100 mm

Fix #15341

(cherry-picked from c0b1684058a5acf3ae58ea63bea7b00520e27725)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-27

Add labeling tests for letter/word spacing

(cherry-picked from 3d6688cce5598d0c09d13f2cd8db30f1f073e928)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-26

Update curved label test reference images

(cherry-picked from 5228de353c84337b3d753fe15c47ee09ecb2643a)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-27

[labels] Fix word and letter spacing truncated to integers

(cherry-picked from 449fcad8ce0808780cf662362cf5c6568abd09bb)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-27

[labeling] Curved labels are now angled per character

...instead of shifted along base line (fix #15210)

(cherry-picked from 22fdb6ab9fcb076f3f3e8601fa4bdc7e0894a103)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-26

Fix features are not labeled when using merged connected lines and
lines are touching but not at endpoints

(cherry-picked from 9007d5c11b17840e2e06a4a0bd1f403490d5012a)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-26

[composer] Fix editing of map item variables

On behalf of Faunalia, sponsored by ENEL

(cherry-picked from 5384e203fb58a7402ed8ff5598257a953171830d)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-26

Fix annotation position when maps are rotated, remove hacks

Adds a new interface class QgsAnnotation, and allows for removal
of a bunch of hacks in QgsComposerMap without breaking 2.x API

(cherry-picked from 0fa6499bef93b2949a7f35d8cfc35a90a353a004)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-26

Fix text annotation edit background should match frame background

Otherwise white text is not visible. Fix #10553.

(cherry-picked from 76c4cae)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-26

Always keep full precision when saving annotation properties

(cherry-picked from 0554f5656cedb588598ef41204acbff185e08a33)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-26

Avoid dialog 'flashing' when opening annotation properties

(cherry-picked from a798ba0637b25654e323090b4e2ce50ddd7ea3a4)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-26

Fix annotation colors are modified when cancel is clicked

(cherry-picked from 95fd61c7bd1b9619759382a7f546b385ac33bd8d)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-26

Make filename in project properties copyable

(cherry-picked from d56ca40)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-26

Use closed hand cursor when dragging canvas with middle mouse button

(cherry-picked from 2dcd40554ad1d146438fde656eed3e5ac14011da)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-26

Allow shift-drag zooming with touch tool

(cherry-picked from 39da9d1402018f7b5108a998e94173b466f4a4fc)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-26

Clean up handling of inverted axis for CRS, fix detachment issue

(cherry-picked from 6dac8e18bd828bbccfa9971b7cb6fee417c0a068)

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-07-23

oracle provider: fix binding of output values

(cherry picked from commit 1368038ca93ce923cae7f507f5f387690a2f3136)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

[composer] Load all composition properties from template/duplicate

Previously some settings where not being correctly restore, eg
page size, grid settings, expression variables

On behalf of Faunalia, sponsored by ENEL

Fix #8705

(cherry-picked from 7343b36e2574a9d9b16158911adaaf6b9d3740be)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

[composer] Simplify and consolidate loading of templates

On behalf of Faunalia, sponsored by ENEL

(cherry-picked from 656e56e447c5d75476aba2259ada05bb06699f94)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

Add missing function help (fix #15264)

(cherry-picked from 59dc4079a55ea2be0158f4154a3c2e389c4f95fc)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

Make sure variable editor widgets always show current variables

On behalf of Faunalia, sponsored by ENEL

(cherry-picked from c7ffdfa5e991743e862f10ae2dbec2c05c4b795c)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

[composer] Avoid crash when atlas page name field has spaces

Fix #15297

(cherry-picked from 631b5e87c3d4d72b80e6087c48caf7d73a477213)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

[composer] fix html label stylesheet's margin (fixes #15290)

(cherry-picked from 7352df6935368ca74fd2eef2bfe4b364908b9286)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

Use flat style for scale lock button

(cherry-picked from b220d66dcc73720a935dddc2c620903aa76808a0)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

Remove "restart required" from "open table as dock" option

Since it seems that a restart *isn't* required!

(cherry-pick -n 8943ed7c9f41ef3f7a33f402f709d9bf9156ffd1)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

Fix crash in QgsGeometry::unaryUnion with empty geometries

(cherry-picked from b61641dc72b140a02de8eb0636a3817f44b9c8fc)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

Update legend test masks, fix for PyQt5

(cherry-picked from 7f2bdcf34254d887885fcb61e97408d1d4407fca)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

Fix use of : in label (violation of HIG)

(cherry-picked from 5a2031349f62d808f78fdc496932d6cc713801d8)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

[composer] Add a checkbox for legends to prevent automatic resizing

A new checkbox has been added to the legend settings to control
whether or not a legend should be automatically resized to fit
its contents.

If unchecked, then the legend will never resize and instead just
stick to whatever size the user has set. Any content which
doesn't fit the size is cropped out.

Refs #10556

On behalf of Faunalia, sponsored by ENEL

(cherry-picked from 2f8c6f52073d4c9c77c39fa119f18ef82783e05d)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

[composer] Fix setting legend content by map not resizing legend

When a legend was set to filter content by map, it wasn't
consistently being resized to fit the legend contents. This caused
issues for atlas exports where legends could grow but never

Fix #14707

On behalf of Faunalia, sponsored by ENEL

(cherry-picked from 4f31ab656ef04c78d92fce2f1a68833043adb456)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

][composer] Fix initial size of legend is wrong if symbol size in
map units is used (fix #11921)

On behalf of Faunalia, sponsored by ENEL

(cherry-picked from 93f2eec711f2d3e1593f497db581a7e6973cfcc9)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

Avoid some unnecessary composer legend updates

(cherry-picked from aaa654fba9a79b8842ada7570e653dc8b4f39a97)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

Show tooltips for layer style dock labeling tabs

(cherry-picked from 7d822f01c7aff8a58fcb9116855a94362f43d367)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-07-19

[oracle] Fix minor Coverity issues

(cherry-picked from b94fbc0485b3998312749327974bf8e8f49504a9)

Etienne Trimaille <etienne@Etiennes-MacBook-Pro.local> 2016-07-12

add qscintilla to cmakelists

Matthias Kuhn <> 2016-07-12

[server] Fix crash in WMS server when... bad things happen

No idea what exactly the reason is, and it was only discovered by
countless hours of printf-debugging. So I'm just pushing the fix
for everyone else who might be affected.

Matthias Kuhn <> 2016-07-12

Fix single process build

A race condition triggered that sometimes the file
output/python/qgis/ was not created before a python uic
compiler started and therefore the required module could not be

This leads to errors like

[ 82%] Generating
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "../../../../../scripts/", line 26, in <module>
import qgis.PyQt.uic.pyuic
ImportError: No module named qgis.PyQt.uic.pyuic
recipe for target 'python/plugins/GdalTools/tools/'
make[2]: *** [python/plugins/GdalTools/tools/] Error 1
CMakeFiles/Makefile2:5074: recipe for target
make[1]: ***
Error 2
Makefile:160: recipe for target 'all' failed
make: *** [all] Error 2

nirvn <> 2016-07-11

[splashscreen] fix pixelated scaling

(cherry picked from commit de6320279a2c7465630d7e58cef9cbcedf169096)

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-07-10

msvc: use /bigobj for sip modules

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-07-10

fix 39d6e79

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-07-10

support utf-8 encoded release names

(cherry picked from commit c9838ccea481c8ca87c4e1647099cfe78777e795)

Bas Couwenberg <> 2016-07-09

Fix installation path of scalable icons.

(cherry picked from commit f5b86230121d533a070748427b613610d308d4d3)

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-07-08

Release of 2.16 (Nødebo)

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-07-08

changelog and news update for 2.16

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-07-08

translation update for 2.16 from transifex
@@ -1,8 +1,14 @@
qgis (2.16.0) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
qgis (2.16.1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

* Release of 2.16.1

-- Jürgen E. Fischer <> Fri, 29 Jul 2016 14:04:56 +0200

qgis (2.16.0) unstable; urgency=medium

* Release of 2.16.0

-- Jürgen E. Fischer <> Fri, 08 Jul 2016 14:11:47 +0200
-- Jürgen E. Fischer <> Fri, 29 Jul 2016 14:04:56 +0200

qgis (2.15.0) unstable; urgency=medium

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