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Some cleanups and additions to Andreas' tips
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timlinux committed Feb 22, 2011
1 parent 57ff857 commit 86072ba324dd80d05416868380f17a901c8847b4
Showing with 15 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +15 −2 src/app/qgstipfactory.cpp
@@ -106,6 +106,19 @@ QgsTipFactory::QgsTipFactory() : QObject()
" found in the tab <strong>Item --> General Options --> Position "
" and Size</strong>. For easier positioning you can also set "
" specific anchor points of the element within this dialogue. "
" The other move tool (the globe icon combined with the hand icon) "
" allows to move the map content within a map frame. "
// This tip contributed by Andreas Neumann
myTip.setTitle(tr("Lock an element in the layout view"));
myTip.setContent(tr(" By left clicking an element in the layout view you can "
" select it, by right clicking an element you can lock it. A lock symbol "
" will appear in the upper left corner of the selected element. This "
" prevents the element from accidentally being moved with the mouse. While "
" in a locked state, you cannot move an element with the mouse but you can "
" still move it with the arrow keys or by absolutely positioning it by "
" setting its <strong>Position and Size</strong>"
// This tip contributed by Andreas Neumann
@@ -128,12 +141,12 @@ QgsTipFactory::QgsTipFactory() : QObject()
" set the style to 'Numeric'. You also need to select the map frame, if there "
" is more than one."
/* Template for adding more tips

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