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=== Packaging ===

To create a windows 'all in one' standalone package ''under ubuntu'' (yes you
read correctly) do the following:
To create a standalone installer there is a perl script named ''
in 'qgis/ms-windows/osgeo4w'. It downloads all required packages from OSGeo4W
and repackages them into an installer using NSIS.

sudo apt-get install nsis

The script can either be run on Windows, but also can be run on Linux.

cd qgis/ms-windows/osgeo4w
On Debian/Ubuntu you can just install the 'nsis' package.

And run the nsis creation script:
NSIS for Windows can be downloaded at:


And Perl for Windows (including other requirements like 'wget', 'unzip', 'tar'
and 'bzip2') is available at:

When the script completes, it should have created a QGIS installer executable
in the ms-windows directory (using the QGIS binaries from OSGEO4W).

=== Packaging your own build of QGIS ===

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