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jef-n committed Sep 16, 2012
1 parent d8675ba commit 8898e6b84770afd96a3219fb01a8c624979c4d33
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class QgsPalLayerSettings
#include <qgspallabeling.h>
#include <qgsdiagramrendererv2.h>
QgsPalLayerSettings( const QgsPalLayerSettings& s );

enum Placement
AroundPoint, // Point / Polygon
OverPoint, // Point / Polygon
Line, // Line / Polygon
Curved, // Line
Horizontal, // Polygon
Free // Polygon

enum LinePlacementFlags
OnLine = 1,
AboveLine = 2,
BelowLine = 4,
MapOrientation = 8

// increment iterator in _writeDataDefinedPropertyMap() when adding more
enum DataDefinedProperties
Size = 0,
PositionX, //x-coordinate data defined label position
PositionY, //y-coordinate data defined label position
Hali, //horizontal alignment for data defined label position (Left, Center, Right)
Vali, //vertical alignment for data defined label position (Bottom, Base, Half, Cap, Top)
Rotation, //data defined rotation (only useful in connection with data defined position)

QString fieldName;

/** Is this label made from a expression string eg FieldName || 'mm'
bool isExpression;

/** Returns the QgsExpression for this label settings.
QgsExpression* getLabelExpression();

Placement placement;
unsigned int placementFlags;
// offset labels of point/centroid features default to center
// move label to quadrant: left/down, don't move, right/up (-1, 0, 1)
int xQuadOffset;
int yQuadOffset;

// offset from point in mm or map units
double xOffset;
double yOffset;
double angleOffset; // rotation applied to offset labels
bool centroidWhole; // whether centroid calculated from whole or visible polygon
QFont textFont;
QString textNamedStyle;
QColor textColor;
int textTransp;
QColor previewBkgrdColor;
bool enabled;
int priority; // 0 = low, 10 = high
bool obstacle; // whether it's an obstacle
double dist; // distance from the feature (in mm)
double vectorScaleFactor; //scale factor painter units->pixels
double rasterCompressFactor; //pixel resolution scale factor

// disabled if both are zero
int scaleMin;
int scaleMax;
double bufferSize; //buffer size (in mm)
QColor bufferColor;
int bufferTransp;
Qt::PenJoinStyle bufferJoinStyle;
bool bufferNoFill; //set interior of buffer to 100% transparent
bool formatNumbers;
int decimals;
bool plusSign;
bool labelPerPart; // whether to label every feature's part or only the biggest one
bool displayAll; // if true, all features will be labelled even though overlaps occur
bool mergeLines;
double minFeatureSize; // minimum feature size to be labelled (in mm)
// Adds '<' or '>' to the label string pointing to the direction of the line / polygon ring
// Works only if Placement == Line
bool addDirectionSymbol;
bool fontSizeInMapUnits; //true if font size is in map units (otherwise in points)
bool bufferSizeInMapUnits; //true if buffer is in map units (otherwise in mm)
bool labelOffsetInMapUnits; //true if label offset is in map units (otherwise in mm)
bool distInMapUnits; //true if distance is in map units (otherwise in mm)
QString wrapChar;
// called from register feature hook
void calculateLabelSize( const QFontMetricsF* fm, QString text, double& labelX, double& labelY );

// implementation of register feature hook
void registerFeature( QgsVectorLayer* layer, QgsFeature& f, const QgsRenderContext& context );

void readFromLayer( QgsVectorLayer* layer );
void writeToLayer( QgsVectorLayer* layer );

/**Set a property as data defined*/
void setDataDefinedProperty( DataDefinedProperties p, int attributeIndex );
/**Set a property to static instead data defined*/
void removeDataDefinedProperty( DataDefinedProperties p );

/**Stores field indices for data defined layer properties*/
// QMap< DataDefinedProperties, int > dataDefinedProperties;

bool preserveRotation; // preserve predefined rotation data during label pin/unpin operations

/**Calculates pixel size (considering output size should be in pixel or map units, scale factors and oversampling)
@param size size to convert
@param c rendercontext
@param buffer whether it buffer size being calculated
@return font pixel size*/
int sizeToPixel( double size, const QgsRenderContext& c , bool buffer = false ) const;

class QgsLabelCandidate
#include <qgspallabeling.h>
QgsLabelCandidate( QRectF r, double c );

QRectF rect;
double cost;

class QgsPalLabeling : QgsLabelingEngineInterface
#include <qgspallabeling.h>
#include <qgsdiagramrendererv2.h>

QgsPalLayerSettings& layer( const QString& layerName );

void numCandidatePositions( int& candPoint, int& candLine, int& candPolygon );
void setNumCandidatePositions( int candPoint, int candLine, int candPolygon );

enum Search { Chain, Popmusic_Tabu, Popmusic_Chain, Popmusic_Tabu_Chain, Falp };

void setSearchMethod( Search s );
Search searchMethod() const;

bool isShowingCandidates() const;
void setShowingCandidates( bool showing );
const QList<QgsLabelCandidate>& candidates();

bool isShowingAllLabels() const;
void setShowingAllLabels( bool showing );

// implemented methods from labeling engine interface

//! called when we're going to start with rendering
virtual void init( QgsMapRenderer* mr );
//! called to find out whether the layer is used for labeling
virtual bool willUseLayer( QgsVectorLayer* layer );
//! hook called when drawing layer before issuing select()
virtual int prepareLayer( QgsVectorLayer* layer, QSet<int>& attrIndices, QgsRenderContext& ctx );
//! adds a diagram layer to the labeling engine
// virtual int addDiagramLayer( QgsVectorLayer* layer, QgsDiagramLayerSettings *s );
//! hook called when drawing for every feature in a layer
virtual void registerFeature( QgsVectorLayer* layer, QgsFeature& feat, const QgsRenderContext& context = QgsRenderContext() );
// virtual void registerDiagramFeature( QgsVectorLayer* layer, QgsFeature& feat, const QgsRenderContext& context = QgsRenderContext() );
//! called when the map is drawn and labels should be placed
virtual void drawLabeling( QgsRenderContext& context );
//! called when we're done with rendering
virtual void exit();
//! return infos about labels at a given (map) position
//virtual QList<QgsLabelPosition> labelsAtPosition( const QgsPoint& p );
//! return infos about labels within a given (map) rectangle
//virtual QList<QgsLabelPosition> labelsWithinRect( const QgsRectangle& r );

//! called when passing engine among map renderers
virtual QgsLabelingEngineInterface* clone() /Factory/;

//void drawLabelCandidateRect( pal::LabelPosition* lp, QPainter* painter, const QgsMapToPixel* xform );
//void drawLabel( pal::LabelPosition* label, QPainter* painter, const QFont& f, const QColor& c, const QgsMapToPixel* xform, double bufferSize = -1,
// const QColor& bufferColor = QColor( 255, 255, 255 ), bool drawBuffer = false );
//static void drawLabelBuffer( QPainter* p, QString text, const QFont& font, double size, QColor color , Qt::PenJoinStyle joinstyle = Qt::BevelJoin, bool noFill = false );

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