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Update Slope,Aspect,Curvature.txt

Better defaults for slope and aspect in saga:processing
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pcav committed Apr 16, 2015
1 parent c9ec4d4 commit 8a1ea2ee485c6fd3b489757c8c49de0a3ccf5bfb
@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@ Slope, Aspect, Curvature
ParameterSelection|METHOD|Method|[0] Maximum Slope (Travis et al. 1975);[1] Maximum Triangle Slope (Tarboton 1997);[2] Least Squares Fitted Plane (Horn 1981, Costa-Cabral & Burgess 1996);[3] 6 parameter 2nd order polynom (Evans 1979);[4] 6 parameter 2nd order polynom (Heerdegen & Beran 1982);[5] 6 parameter 2nd order polynom (Bauer, Rohdenburg, Bork 1985);[6] 9 parameter 2nd order polynom (Zevenbergen & Thorne 1987);[7]10 parameter 3rd order polynom (Haralick 1983)|6
ParameterSelection|UNIT_SLOPE|Slope Units|[0] radians;[1] degree;[2] percent|0
ParameterSelection|UNIT_ASPECT|Aspect Units|[0] radians;[1] degree|0
ParameterSelection|UNIT_SLOPE|Slope Units|[0] radians;[1] degree;[2] percent|1
ParameterSelection|UNIT_ASPECT|Aspect Units|[0] radians;[1] degree|1
OutputRaster|C_GENE|General Curvature
@@ -15,4 +15,4 @@ OutputRaster|C_CROS|Cross-Sectional Curvature
OutputRaster|C_MINI|Minimal Curvature
OutputRaster|C_MAXI|Maximal Curvature
OutputRaster|C_TOTA|Total Curvature
OutputRaster|C_ROTO|Flow-Line Curvature
OutputRaster|C_ROTO|Flow-Line Curvature

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