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Add assertGeometriesEqual function for testing
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m-kuhn committed Aug 21, 2018
1 parent c82fdab commit 8aca375a6e4bd48256c954385a3de2b88502c19d
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@@ -196,6 +196,9 @@ def assertFilesEqual(self, filepath_expected, filepath_result):
diff = list(diff)
self.assertEqual(0, len(diff), ''.join(diff))

def assertGeometriesEqual(self, geom0, geom1, geom0_id='geometry 1', geom1_id='geometry 2', precision=14, topo_equal_check=False):
self.checkGeometriesEqual(geom0, geom1, geom0_id, geom1_id, use_asserts=True, precision=precision, topo_equal_check=topo_equal_check)

def checkGeometriesEqual(self, geom0, geom1, geom0_id, geom1_id, use_asserts=False, precision=14, topo_equal_check=False):
""" Checks whether two geometries are the same - using either a strict check of coordinates (up to given precision)
or by using topological equality (where e.g. a polygon with clockwise is equal to a polygon with counter-clockwise

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