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rename feature -> f to avoid an API break

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pblottiere committed May 31, 2016
1 parent ea097be commit 8d25a067a9db76d804a8b1ebb96c8b0fe31268bd
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 src/core/qgsvectorlayer.h
@@ -979,7 +979,7 @@ class CORE_EXPORT QgsVectorLayer : public QgsMapLayer
@param alsoUpdateExtent If True, will also go to the effort of e.g. updating the extents.
@return True in case of success and False in case of error
bool addFeature( QgsFeature& feature, bool alsoUpdateExtent = true );
bool addFeature( QgsFeature& f, bool alsoUpdateExtent = true );

/** Updates an existing feature. This method needs to query the datasource
on every call. Consider using {@link changeAttributeValue()} or

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