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Updated changelog for 0.11.0 release
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/* ChangeLog,v 1.214 2004/11/12 00:42:21 gsherman Exp */
Version 0.11.0 'Metis'
** This release includes over 60 bug fixes and enhancements over the
** QGIS 0.10.0 release. In addition we have made the following changes:
** Revision of all dialogs for user interface consistancy
** Improvements to unique value renderer vector dialog
** Symbol previews when defining vector classes
** Separation of python support into its own library
** List view and filter for GRASS toolbox to find tools more quickly
** List view and filter for Plugin Manager to find plugins more easily
** Updated Spatial Reference System definitions
Version 0.10.0 'Io'
** This release includes over 120 bug fixes and enchancements
** over the QGIS 0.9.1 release. In addition we have added
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