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Release of 2.14.9
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jef-n committed Nov 25, 2016
1 parent 176987e commit 912a7eb21fc7795b8eda200e19cefc9cda9b41d1
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IF (POLICY CMP0048) # in CMake 3.0.0+
285 ChangeLog
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Matthias Kuhn <> 2016-10-17

Don't rely on RTTI to convert symbol layer to sip objects

Marco Hugentobler <> 2016-11-18

Add global scope in server

Merge: 520a137 4cc85fd
mhugent <> 2016-11-18

Merge pull request #3781 from mhugent/wms_project_variables

Set project expression variables in server

Marco Hugentobler <> 2016-11-18

Set scope directly to new context

Marco Hugentobler <> 2016-11-17

Set project expression variables in server

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-11-16

fix 27de86 indentation

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-11-16

oracle provider: fix retrieval of column comments for geometryless tables (fixes #15853)

(cherry picked from commit a62fdb085d741da898f2bbb048c33b58aee9d630)

Martin Dobias <> 2016-11-15

Fix compilation without QtWebKit

(cherry-picked from 04e02aff69)

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-11-11

fix builds on trusty and precise

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-11-01

fix typo

Merge: 526949b 78f0da2
Alessandro Pasotti <> 2016-11-11

Merge pull request #3752 from elpaso/downloader_2_14_test_fix

Make file downloader test more stable

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2016-11-11

Make file downloader test more stable

Matthias Kuhn <> 2016-11-11

[spatialite] Don't skip default values

When inserting multiple features in a single prepared statement, the spatialite
provider would skip any default for individual features, even though they have
been specified in the field list, resulting in missing fields.

Merge: afb4739 a676bde
Alessandro Pasotti <> 2016-11-10

Merge pull request #3744 from elpaso/downloader_2_14

[bugfix][backport] File downloader for identify dialog hyperlinks

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2016-11-09

[bugfix][backport] File downloader for identify dialog hyperlinks

fixes #14703

Include C++ and Python tests

( cherry-picked from commit bdc2e24 )

Try to convince Travis to behave like a normal mechanical being
Travis won: ported all test cases to Python
and disabled C++ companion test (still useful locally and
for debugging)

For the curious: QTemporaryFile is not working as expected

( cherry-picked from 57aa7fd )

Hugo Mercier <> 2016-11-09

[virtual] Fix encoding issue

rldhont <> 2016-11-08

[BUGFIX][QGIS Server] Revert layer order in WMS GetContext request

Etienne Trimaille <> 2016-11-08

fixed wrong provider reference in union algorithm

rldhont <> 2016-11-07

[BUGFIX] QgsOgcUtils: fix typo contians -> contains

This has been fix in feature 'QgsOgcUtils: add conversion from QgsSQLStatement to OGC filters' 1da1c278e758e7c84376ce7548c38392aa62c66d

Merge: 5fed35a 6fd3f74
Alessandro Pasotti <> 2016-11-05

Merge pull request #3724 from elpaso/auth_tests_2_14

[tests] Authmanager tests for username/pwd and PKI

Alessandro Pasotti <> 2016-11-05

[tests] Authmanager tests for username/pwd and PKI

Martin Dobias <> 2016-11-05

Add missing /Transfer/ annotations to geometry classes

(cherry picked from commit 91e2f009c9652aac2a54380083f2c1c591069471)

Martin Dobias <> 2016-11-05

Add missing /Factory/ annotations to geometry classes

(cherry picked from commit 93e559d399a57faf300d2ca6093c30220879f228)

Marco Hugentobler <> 2016-11-04

Fix empty legends in WMS GetPrint

rldhont <> 2016-11-03

[BUGFIX][QGIS Server] No flags in QgsFeatureRequest if expression needs geometry

rldhont <> 2016-11-02

[BUGFIX][QGIS Server] Apply filter element

Even Rouault <> 2016-11-02 Test disabling walForSqlite3 setting

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-11-01

fix typos

(cherry picked from commit 7a326b1b8d7026bc2782afc0fdc5abbaa1065370)

Even Rouault <> 2016-10-31


Even Rouault <> 2016-10-31

[OGR provider] Make addAttributes() return the requested field type, precision and width so as to make QgsVectorLayerEditBuffer::commitChanges() API

Fixes #15614

Martin Dobias <> 2016-10-14

Fix layer tree expanded state when used expand/collapse all (fixes #15691)

(cherry picked from commit de85fdd6e8fa3d4f38196376aabccce317cbf341)

Martin Dobias <> 2016-10-07

Fix crash in node tool after deleting the whole geometry (fixes #15659)

Made sure that both closestVertex() and closestSegment() return negative
distance on error (e.g. with null or emtpy geometry).

Also fixes snapping when dealing with layers with null/invalid geometries

(cherry picked from commit c093d5188fad685c4a596ff23c27aad7d151dac2)

Hugo Mercier <> 2016-10-28

Don't delete QgsAttributeDialog too early. Fixes #15737

(cherry picked from commit 9ecdf6101433)

Martin Dobias <> 2016-10-05

Fix crash when loading WCS layers (fixes #15595)

The problem is that some providers would still issue network
requests in prepareJobs() - this should be ideally avoided,
because it is run in main thread - all the work should be deferred
to be done in worker thread.

(cherry picked from commit 08f4a0f40cce21d5730653a75bdd44f175f3b0b8)

Martin Dobias <> 2016-10-03

Fix WMS identify when using "Feature" format and the layer has named CRS

(cherry picked from commit 9ef91ea6294cdab762ffb2543d02473bcccbed80)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-10-28

Fix build

Martin Dobias <> 2016-10-03

Fix listing of WMTS layers in browser (fixes #15350)

(cherry picked from commit 29d2bef7954d4e2b2cf21611c1398d0a7666e4c6)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-10-28

Use QgsExpressionContextScope::addVariable instead of setVariable

...where appropriate (ie, read-only, non user set variables).
It's much faster as it doesn't need to check whether the
variable already exists.

Results in ~10% improvement in rendering speed. Refs #15752.

(cherry-picked from 85897885445c7383938ac89318d12a7d37024bb4)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-10-28

Optimise QgsAbstractGeometry

Make nCoordinates virtual, and provide shortcuts for some
geometry types. The base method which calls coordinateSequence()
is quite slow in certain circumstances.

Speeds up rendering point layers by ~25%, also likely to
speed up lots of geometry heavy operations throughout QGIS

Refs #15752

(cherry-picked from 49432a84683e99bdc2592e7ae808e81fa3bc40cd)

Nyall Dawson <> 2016-10-28

Speed up point layer rendering - don't calculate unused label obstacles

Cuts render time by ~60%. Fix #15752.

(cherry-picked from 5798a82c8011ea7f44a1ed1d55ef0719786e8056)

Marco Hugentobler <> 2016-10-27

Fix python bindings of QgsGeometryRubberBand

Merge: 36db42e 2a13dbf
Alexander Bruy <> 2016-10-26

Merge pull request #3674 from gacarrillor/patch-3

[processing] import vector in Eliminate to avoid error

Germán <> 2016-10-25

Import vector because it is used in line 95.

It seems that line 95 was added by a cherry pick commit.

rldhont <> 2016-10-25

[BUGFIX][QGIS Server] Do not cache invalid layer

After readLayerXml, the server stored layers in cache and in registry without verifying validity.

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-10-22

fix #15744 (followup dbf6169)

Matteo Ghetta <> 2016-10-10

Missing import fixed for R algorithm

Juergen E. Fischer <> 2016-10-21

Release of 2.14.8

rldhont <> 2016-10-21

[BUGFIX][QGIS-Server] Don't failed when transform boundingbox
@@ -1,8 +1,14 @@
qgis (2.14.8) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
qgis (2.14.9) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium

* Release of 2.14.9

-- Jürgen E. Fischer <> Fri, 25 Nov 2016 14:11:24 +0100

qgis (2.14.8) unstable; urgency=medium

* Release of 2.14.8

-- Jürgen E. Fischer <> Fri, 21 Oct 2016 14:15:16 +0200
-- Jürgen E. Fischer <> Fri, 25 Nov 2016 14:11:24 +0100

qgis (2.14.7) unstable; urgency=medium

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