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Merge pull request #1423 from manisandro/python_addItemsFromXML
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QgsComposition::addItemsFromXML for python (without optional arguments)
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nyalldawson committed Jun 7, 2014
2 parents 4750211 + b199dc7 commit 912c950
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 7 deletions.
8 changes: 1 addition & 7 deletions python/core/composer/qgscomposition.sip
Expand Up @@ -242,14 +242,8 @@ class QgsComposition : QGraphicsScene
/**Add items from XML representation to the graphics scene (for project file reading, pasting items from clipboard)
@param elem items parent element, e.g. \verbatim <Composer> \endverbatim or \verbatim <ComposerItemClipboard> \endverbatim
@param doc xml document
@param mapsToRestore for reading from project file: set preview move 'rectangle' to all maps and save the preview states to show composer maps on demand
@param addUndoCommands insert AddItem commands if true (e.g. for copy/paste)
@param pos item position. Optional, take position from xml if 0
@param pasteInPlace whether the position should be kept but mapped to the page origin. (the page is the page under to the mouse cursor)
@note not available in python bindings
// void addItemsFromXML( const QDomElement& elem, const QDomDocument& doc, QMap< QgsComposerMap*, int >* mapsToRestore = 0,
// bool addUndoCommands = false, QPointF* pos = 0, bool pasteInPlace = false );
void addItemsFromXML( const QDomElement& elem, const QDomDocument& doc );

/**Adds item to z list. Usually called from constructor of QgsComposerItem*/
void addItemToZList( QgsComposerItem* item );
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