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Disable canvas preview jobs when rotation is set on canvas

It's non-trivial to implement the preview jobs for rotated canvases,
and currently it just shows junk images

Fixes #34860

(cherry picked from commit 597aa5b)
(cherry picked from commit 4916e39)
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nyalldawson committed Mar 9, 2020
1 parent c356cf2 commit 91cd7e651b9de86efb8cc8c2859a947f73c2814a
Showing with 6 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +6 −0 src/gui/qgsmapcanvas.cpp
@@ -2408,6 +2408,12 @@ const QgsLabelingEngineSettings &QgsMapCanvas::labelingEngineSettings() const
void QgsMapCanvas::startPreviewJobs()
stopPreviewJobs(); //just in case still running

//canvas preview jobs aren't compatible with rotation
// TODO fix this
if ( !qgsDoubleNear( mSettings.rotation(), 0.0 ) )

schedulePreviewJob( 0 );

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