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Enable the use of the browse button for spatialite provider in missin…

…g layer dialog
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nirvn authored and nyalldawson committed Mar 10, 2021
1 parent 10c3a1a commit 9238118d4d84ebe90feb1234d6383e90160a65eb
@@ -5904,6 +5904,11 @@ QString QgsSpatiaLiteProviderMetadata::encodeUri( const QVariantMap &parts ) con
return dsUri.uri();

QgsProviderMetadata::ProviderCapabilities QgsSpatiaLiteProviderMetadata::providerCapabilities() const
return FileBasedUris;

QgsVectorLayerExporter::ExportError QgsSpatiaLiteProviderMetadata::createEmptyLayer(
const QString &uri,
@@ -430,6 +430,7 @@ class QgsSpatiaLiteProviderMetadata final: public QgsProviderMetadata
QStringList &descriptions, QString &errCause ) override;
QVariantMap decodeUri( const QString &uri ) const override;
QString encodeUri( const QVariantMap &parts ) const override;
ProviderCapabilities providerCapabilities() const override;
QgsSpatiaLiteProvider *createProvider( const QString &uri, const QgsDataProvider::ProviderOptions &options, QgsDataProvider::ReadFlags flags = QgsDataProvider::ReadFlags() ) override;

QgsVectorLayerExporter::ExportError createEmptyLayer( const QString &uri, const QgsFields &fields,

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