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updated release notes for 0.8.1
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<td valign="center">
<span class="header">Quantum GIS Documentation</span><br>
<span class="subheader">Version 0.8 <i>Titan</i></span><br>
<span class="subheader">Version 0.8.1 <i>Titan</i></span><br>
<span class="warning">Please read this entire document for important information about this release.</span>
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<!-- This documentation describes the Quantum GIS (QGIS) application. More
information on QGIS is available on the web page at -->
<h2>Whats new in Version 0.8</h2>
<h2>Whats new in Version 0.8.1</h2>
<td valign="top" width="50%">
<ul class="small">
<li>WMS support
<li>Improved vector and attribute editing
<li>Improved measure tools with area measuring
<li>Attribute searching
<li>New legend structure
<li>Refactoring of API to allow the use of QGIS libraries in mapping applications
<ul class="small">
<li>Numerous bug fixes</li>
<li>Improvements in how segment lengths appear in the measure tool. The current segment length is shown/updated in the list of segments</li>
<li>Improvement to zoom-in speed for rasters</li>
<li>Improve line/area measuring behaviour when the user has been informed that they are probably using the wrong projection for the map canvas</li>
<li>Added tooltips to the scale and coordinate position displays in the status bar</li>
<td valign="top" width="50%">
<li>Improved MapServer export tool
<li>Vector layer transparency and antialiasing
<li>GRASS support in all platforms
<li>Enhanced GRASS support and toolbox commands
<li>Enhanced vector editing, including copy, cut, paste, snapping and vertex editing
<li>Shapefile/OGR layer editing
<li>Removed ugly console on WIN32 when not debugging</li>
<li>Added icons to all GRASS tools. All GRASS tools are now on the toolbar</li>
<li>New GRASS modules added to the GRASS toolbox</li>
<li>The GRASS plugin is now fully internationalized</li>
<li>Launcher plugin added to core plugins </li>

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OS X Specific
<ul class="normal">
<li>Due to a limitation in the Quicktime graphics engine, there is a limit on the number points allowed per feature. See the Readme that comes with the OS X dmg
<li>None reported
<ul class="normal">
<li>None reported
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