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- Helps with conversion of interface graphics to SVG
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Theme Originals

As of QGIS 2.0, all newly submitted or updated interface graphics need to be in
SVG format, or at least have SVG originals. Inkscape files are preferred; export
to SVG version 1.0 if using Adobe Illustrator.

There is an effort to switch current interface raster graphics to SVG. In the
meantime, any updated graphics to the theme directory that are not in SVG
format (e.g. PNG icon, because the code associated with it has not been updated
to work with SVGs yet, or may never) should have their SVG originals placed in
this directory.

Periodically, this directory will be cleared out when the SVGs here can be moved
into the themes directory. This directory will probably be removed when migration
to SVG-only has been completed.

Submissions here, the theme directory, or to the QGIS project will all probably
end up on the OSGeo graphics server:
Contact Robert Szczepanek for more info on contributing to OSGeo graphics.
If looking to work on a new graphic for QGIS consider looking there first.

All submissions need to be based on work uninhibited by intellectual property
restrictions and compatible with QGIS's licensing structure.

2013-02-07 Larry Shaffer - larrys [@]
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