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[processing] Fix import error in FieldsMappingPanel

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arnaud-morvan committed Nov 6, 2016
1 parent e426dbc commit 93be141af5336fa73ce50c99b57db196a7a6a6ca
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 python/plugins/processing/algs/qgis/ui/
@@ -31,8 +31,8 @@
from collections import OrderedDict

from qgis.PyQt import uic
from qgis.PyQt.QtGui import QBrush, QIcon, QSpacerItem
from qgis.PyQt.QtWidgets import QComboBox, QHeaderView, QLineEdit, QMessageBox, QSpinBox, QStyledItemDelegate
from qgis.PyQt.QtGui import QBrush, QIcon
from qgis.PyQt.QtWidgets import QComboBox, QHeaderView, QLineEdit, QSpacerItem, QMessageBox, QSpinBox, QStyledItemDelegate
from qgis.PyQt.QtCore import QItemSelectionModel, QAbstractTableModel, QModelIndex, QVariant, Qt, pyqtSlot

from qgis.core import QgsExpression, QgsExpressionContextUtils, QgsApplication, QgsFeature

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