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nyalldawson committed Sep 3, 2017
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@@ -43,9 +43,6 @@ qgis:basicstatisticsforfields: >
qgis:boundary: >
Returns the closure of the combinatorial boundary of the input geometries (ie the topological boundary of the geometry). For instance, a polygon geometry will have a boundary consisting of the linestrings for each ring in the polygon. Only valid for polygon or line layers.

qgis:boundingboxes: >
This algorithm calculates the bounding box (envelope) of each feature in an input layer.

qgis:buildvirtualvector: >
This algorithm creates a virtual layer that contains a set of vector layer.

@@ -76,11 +73,6 @@ qgis:convertgeometrytype: >

See the "Polygonize" or "Lines to polygons" algorithm for alternative options.

qgis:convexhull: >
This algorithm computes the convex hull of features in a layer.

If a field is specified, it will divide the features into classes based on that field, and compute a separate convex hull for the features in each class.

qgis:countpointsinpolygon: >
This algorithm takes a points layer and a polygon layer and counts the number of points from the first one in each polygons of the second one.

@@ -356,11 +348,6 @@ qgis:offsetline: >

The miter limit parameter is only applicable for miter join styles, and controls the maximum distance from the offset curve to use when creating a mitered join.

qgis:orientedminimumboundingbox: >
This algorithm takes a vector layer and generate a new one with the minimum rectangle that covers all the input features.

As an alternative, the output layer can contain not just a single rectangle, but one for each input feature, representing the minimum rectangle that covers each of them.

qgis:minimalenclosingcircle: >
This algorithm takes a vector layer and generate a new one with the minimum enclosing circle that covers all the input features.

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This file was deleted.

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