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m-kuhn committed Oct 23, 2016
1 parent 54b953f commit 96a649e37ffbba99ffbb7dde6267939cc2bd67d6
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@@ -507,6 +507,19 @@ class QgsProject : QObject
void avoidIntersectionsListChanged();

* Emitted when the map theme collection changes.
* This only happens when the map theme collection is reset.
* Any pointer previously received from mapThemeCollection()
* must no longer be used after this signal is emitted.
* You must still connect to signals from the map theme collection
* if you want to be notified about new map themes being added and
* map themes being removed.
* @note Added in QGIS 3.0
void mapThemeCollectionChanged();

public slots:
* Flag the project as dirty (modified). If this flag is set, the user will

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