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Fix: Processing Modeler help parameter

The help parameter is set in the modeler help part.
The commit use it to set the help parameter.
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rldhont authored and nyalldawson committed Jan 12, 2021
1 parent 1f5b9b4 commit 976ddf134810c9fe61d91bd7a8bca8aae530458d
Showing with 4 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +4 −0 src/core/processing/models/qgsprocessingmodelalgorithm.cpp
@@ -1427,6 +1427,10 @@ bool QgsProcessingModelAlgorithm::loadVariant( const QVariant &model )
if ( param->name() == QLatin1String( "VERBOSE_LOG" ) )
return; // internal parameter -- some versions of QGIS incorrectly stored this in the model definition file

// set parameter help from help content
param->setHelp( mHelpContent.value( param->name() ).toString() );

// add parameter
addParameter( param.release() );

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