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adding function help for atlasid and atlasgeometry
Signed-off-by: Werner Macho <>
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mach0 committed Apr 10, 2014
1 parent d1dffdc commit 9864bfc11bbaf070102aa97d22f3be14a425d7a7
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<h3>$atlasfeatureid function</h3>
Returns the feature id of the current row while using atlas.
This enables you to use features of atlas in rules
and for example show or hide features based on their id.



<pre>$atlasfeatureid = $id</pre>

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<h3>$atlasgeometry function</h3>
Returns the geometry of the current feature iterated in atlas.
Can be used for rule based display of geometry when using atlas.
For example to only show geometries of other layers when their geometry
intersects the iterated geometry of features using atlas.



<pre> intersects( $atlasgeometry, $geometry ) </pre>

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