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[processing] fix modeler output values in case algorithm(s)
execution modifies those (fixes #16021)
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nirvn committed Jan 4, 2017
1 parent 0ce3021 commit 9908d9c
Showing 1 changed file with 9 additions and 0 deletions.
9 changes: 9 additions & 0 deletions python/plugins/processing/modeler/
Expand Up @@ -507,6 +507,15 @@ def processAlgorithm(self, progress):
t0 = time.time()
alg.algorithm.execute(progress, self)
dt = time.time() - t0

# copy algorithm output value(s) back to model in case the algorithm modified those
for out in alg.algorithm.outputs:
if not out.hidden:
if in alg.outputs:
modelOut = self.getOutputFromName(self.getSafeNameForOutput(,
if modelOut:
modelOut.value = out.value

progress.setDebugInfo('OK. Execution took %0.3f ms (%i outputs).', 'ModelerAlgorithm') % (dt, len(alg.algorithm.outputs)))
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