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raster histograms separated from stats, generic implementation (used …

…by GRASS,WCS), more histogram and stats options (extent, sample size), stats and histograms cached in providers
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blazek committed Jul 26, 2012
1 parent d794522 commit 9980b454c02771cd3188e0d9b6a3bbe5a267a8cd
@@ -35,13 +35,6 @@ class QgsRasterBandStats
/** \brief The number of cells in the band. Equivalent to height x width.
* TODO: check if NO_DATA are excluded!*/
int elementCount;
/** \brief Store the histogram for a given layer */
typedef QVector<int> HistogramVector;
//HistogramVector * histogramVector;
/** \brief whteher histogram values are estimated or completely calculated */
bool isHistogramEstimated;
/** whehter histogram compuation should include out of range values */
bool isHistogramOutOfRange;
/** Color table */
//QList<QgsColorRampShader::ColorRampItem> colorTable;

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