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Merge pull request #9832 from elpaso/qjson-nlohmann
Fast (and beautiful) json serializing
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elpaso committed May 10, 2019
2 parents 8969360 + 0081ad0 commit 9a612d4
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Showing 145 changed files with 22,221 additions and 929 deletions.
49 changes: 49 additions & 0 deletions external/nlohmann/adl_serializer.hpp
@@ -0,0 +1,49 @@
#pragma once

#include <utility>

#include <nlohmann/detail/conversions/from_json.hpp>
#include <nlohmann/detail/conversions/to_json.hpp>

namespace nlohmann

template<typename, typename>
struct adl_serializer
@brief convert a JSON value to any value type
This function is usually called by the `get()` function of the
@ref basic_json class (either explicit or via conversion operators).
@param[in] j JSON value to read from
@param[in,out] val value to write to
template<typename BasicJsonType, typename ValueType>
static auto from_json(BasicJsonType&& j, ValueType& val) noexcept(
noexcept(::nlohmann::from_json(std::forward<BasicJsonType>(j), val)))
-> decltype(::nlohmann::from_json(std::forward<BasicJsonType>(j), val), void())
::nlohmann::from_json(std::forward<BasicJsonType>(j), val);

@brief convert any value type to a JSON value
This function is usually called by the constructors of the @ref basic_json
@param[in,out] j JSON value to write to
@param[in] val value to read from
template <typename BasicJsonType, typename ValueType>
static auto to_json(BasicJsonType& j, ValueType&& val) noexcept(
noexcept(::nlohmann::to_json(j, std::forward<ValueType>(val))))
-> decltype(::nlohmann::to_json(j, std::forward<ValueType>(val)), void())
::nlohmann::to_json(j, std::forward<ValueType>(val));

} // namespace nlohmann

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