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Added key changes in 1.0.0 release
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/* ChangeLog,v 1.214 2004/11/12 00:42:21 gsherman Exp */
Version 1.0.0 'Kore'
** This release includes over 265 bug fixes and enhancements over the
** QGIS 0.11.0 release. In addition we have made the following changes:
** HIG Compliance improvements for Windows / Mac OS X / KDE / Gnome
** Saving a vector layer or subset of that layer to disk with a different Coordinate Reference System to the original.
** Advanced topological editing of vector data.
** Single click selection of vector features.
** Many improvements to raster rendering and support for building pyramids external to the raster file.
** Overhaul of the map composer for much improved printing support.
** A new 'coordinate capture' plugin was added that lets you click on the map and then cut & paste the coordinates to and from the clipboard
** A new plugin for converting between OGR supported formats was added.
** A new plugin for converting from DXF files to shapefiles was added.
** A new plugin was added for interpolating point features into ASCII grid layers.
** The python plugin manager was completely overhauled, the new version having many improvements, including checking that the version of QGIS running will support a plugin that is being installed.
** Plugin toolbar positions are now correctly saved when the application is closed.
** In the WMS client, WMS standards support has been improved.
** Tidy ups for GRASS integration and support for GRASS 6.4
** Complete API revision - we now have a stable API following well defined naming conventions.
** Ported all GDAL/OGR and GEOS usage to use C APIs only.
Version 0.11.0 'Metis'
** This release includes over 60 bug fixes and enhancements over the
** QGIS 0.10.0 release. In addition we have made the following changes:
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