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followup 82bd08c

removed debugging stuff
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3nids committed Jun 13, 2017
1 parent 82bd08c commit 9dd60e4a7703e0478c50bd897a44ca8cc461c35b
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@@ -499,13 +499,12 @@ sub detect_comment_block{
do {no warnings 'uninitialized';
push @CLASSNAME, $3;
if ($#CLASSNAME == 0){
# might be worth to add in-class classes later on
# in case of a tamplate based class declaration
# based on an in-class and in the same file
dbg_info("class: ".$CLASSNAME[$#CLASSNAME].$#CLASSNAME);
dbg_info("class: ".$CLASSNAME[$#CLASSNAME]);
if ($LINE =~ m/\b[A-Z]+_EXPORT\b/ || $#CLASSNAME != 0 || $INPUT_LINES[$LINE_IDX-2] =~ m/^\s*template</){
# class should be exported except those not at top level or template classes
# if class is not exported, then its methods should be (checked whenever leaving out the class)

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