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Merge pull request #1640 from gioman/saga_mosaick_fix
small fix for SAGA module
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volaya committed Oct 20, 2014
2 parents 1eefed2 + a0a546f commit 9f8beb025414b5885dc41fbd045959f59ce495c3
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 python/plugins/processing/algs/saga/description/2.1_Mosaicking.txt
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ ParameterMultipleInput|GRID_GRID|Grid (Optional Input)|3|True
ParameterSelection|TYPE|Preferred data storage type|[0] 1 bit;[1] 1 byte unsigned integer;[2] 1 byte signed integer;[3] 2 byte unsigned integer;[4] 2 byte signed integer;[5] 4 byte unsigned integer;[6] 4 byte signed integer;[7] 4 byte floating point;[8] 8 byte floating point|7
ParameterSelection|INTERPOL|Interpolation|[0] Nearest Neighbor;[1] Bilinear Interpolation;[2] Inverse Distance Interpolation;[3] Bicubic Spline Interpolation;[4] B-Spline Interpolation|0
ParameterSelection|OVERLAP|Overlapping Areas|[0] first;[1] last;[2] minimum;[3] maximum;[4] mean;[5] blend boundary;[6] feathering|1
ParameterNumber|BLEND_DIST|Blending Distance|0.000000|999999.000000|10.000000
ParameterNumber|BLEND_DIST|Blending Distance|0.0|None|10.0
ParameterSelection|MATCH|Match|[0] none;[1] regression|0
ParameterSelection|TARGET|Target Grid|[0] user defined;[1] existing grid or grid system|0
ParameterSelection|USER_FIT|Fit|[0] nodes;[1] cells|0

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