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Add r.ros algorithm
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Médéric RIBREUX committed Feb 28, 2016
1 parent a4c77bc commit a1a8ca4d46d3e41c603f9ba9d97aa2006cde4d6e
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Generates rate of spread raster maps.
Raster (r.*)
ParameterRaster|model|Raster map containing fuel models|False
ParameterRaster|moisture_1h|Raster map containing the 1-hour fuel moisture (%)|True
ParameterRaster|moisture_10h|Raster map containing the 10-hour fuel moisture (%)|True
ParameterRaster|moisture_100h|Raster map containing the 100-hour fuel moisture (%)|True
ParameterRaster|moisture_live|Raster map containing live fuel moisture (%)|False
ParameterRaster|velocity|Raster map containing midflame wind velocities (ft/min)|True
ParameterRaster|direction|Name of raster map containing wind directions (degree)|True
ParameterRaster|slope|Name of raster map containing slope (degree)|True
ParameterRaster|aspect|Raster map containing aspect (degree, CCW from E)|True
ParameterRaster|elevation|Raster map containing elevation (m, required for spotting)|True
OutputRaster|base_ros|Base ROS
OutputRaster|max_ros|Max ROS
OutputRaster|direction_ros|Direction ROS
OutputRaster|spotting_distance|Spotting Distance

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