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Also push new branch to transifex on release

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jef-n committed Jun 19, 2020
1 parent 0ead32b commit a6fdfc1b57b50299d06e7dd3a40a20ef11e15902
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@@ -187,6 +187,7 @@ ($$)
run( "convert -resize 164x314 ms-windows/Installer-Files/WelcomeFinishPage-$newmajor.$newminor.png BMP3:ms-windows/Installer-Files/WelcomeFinishPage.bmp", "installer bitmap switch failed" );
run( "git commit -n -a -m 'Release of $release ($newreleasename)'", "release commit failed" );
run( "git tag $reltag -m 'Version $release'", "release tag failed" );
run( "for i in \$(seq 20); do tx push -s -b $relbranch && exit 0; echo \"Retry \$i/20...\"; done; exit 1", "push translation for $relbranch branch" );
} else {
run( "git commit -n -a -m 'Release of $version'", "release commit failed" );
run( "git tag $reltag -m 'Version $version'", "tag failed" );

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